Phillip Island Churchil Island Heritage Farm
Churchill Island Heritage Farm
246 Samuel Amess Drive, Churchill Island, Newhaven, VIC 3925
  • Phone:
  • 03 5951 2800

Escape to another time and enjoy the farm activities, explore the historical grounds and soak up the tranquil scenery.

Journey back in time and explore the heritage and tranquil scenery at Churchill Island. Wander through the heritage listed homestead and experience the daily working farm activities including cow milking, sheep shearing, working dogs and whip cracking.

Accessibility information

Phillip Island Nature Parks are committed to offering an accessible experience throughout the Churchill Island Heritage Farm and have a range of disabled friendly facilities: disabled parking, disabled toilet facilities, smooth hard packed gravel paths with moderate gradient. Visitors who use assistance animals (certified by a registered authority) are welcome. Assistance animals must remain on designated paths and restrained by a harness or leash.

Opening hours

Open Saturday and Sunday, 10am untill 4pm.

Scheduled activities include cow milking at 2:10pm, sheep shearing at 2:30pm, whip cracking at 2:45pm, working dogs at 3:05pm and sheep shearing once again at 3:20pm.

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